Sunday, August 7, 2011

1st blog in 2011~~

Wow... this sounds like someone saying "Good Morning~" at 4pm... Anyway so much changes in this year and I never have the right time with right mood to put any of these on blog. Below are some events since Oct 2010 (when my last post happened), I will just skip those minor events such as Japan Tsunami, Bersih rally & US credit downgrade...

Oct 2010
- Childs being chopped right on head!!! Ouch!!!

Nov 2010
- Childs missed his Cambodia trip due to being naive
(Childs: see... i am not here...)
(Childs: my foot is not here also!!!!)

-Childs worked OT to pay for car damages... -.-|||

(damage caused earlier this yr by reckless bus driver)
(damage caused by unknown when his car is parked)

Dec 2011
-Pek Hoon last day

(Childs: See ya, Pek Hoon)
 -Childs' last trip to KL
(Contents Censored!!!)
(Contents Almost Censored!!!)

Jan 2011
-Childs can't remember anything big around this time at this moment... -.-''

Feb 2011
-Chinese New Year~~~
(Family & niece~)
Mar 2011
-Childs: Er.......

Apr, May, June 2011
-This is crazy.... Childs got himself into a relationship...
(seeing each other more than meet in eyes)
(presents from her :">)

-Childs had his bowling career high: 110 pts in ECG Bowling Tournament -.-''
(Photo not available)

July 2011
-Childs leaving Intel & joined Altera
(right hand side comic contributed by KH)
(last n 1st pic with Intel icon)
(Thank you doughnuts (MK: Who's doughnuts?? -.-''))
(damage for leaving, need to buy new laptop as no more company laptop -.-'' )
(Childs' co-farewell with Chris (the gf) n HK (fyi, the guy in mid of pic (TBK) is not leaving yet back then :p )

Aug 2011 (today)
-Childs re-decorated his room

(top left: initial room ; top right: first makeover on Jan 2010 ; bottom: latest makeover on Aug 2011)

I can't believe I just spent my Sunday evening on blogging... Anyway that's lebih kurang about it. See ya.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

unstable state

      I am rushing for little, unimportant stuffs.              I am strangled by someone, not sure it is me or the someone whom i hate so.
  I want to break out of this place, but I don't know where to.
                                    I am trapped in the rat race which I always thought I can keep myself out of.
           I want to throw the paper at someone's face but I am not good enough for it.
I want to get to somewhere but I wonder when can I get there, or will I ever get there, with my speed.
                                             I can't draw a clear line between "let go" and "give up"
                            I want to live with pride, I might be just being stupid
                                                                 I am easily irritated, also easily entertained
                                    Still... I am still undefined...

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Chee Er vs Churchill

Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill (30/11/1874-24/01/1965) - Prime Minister of the United Kingdom during the Second World War.

Chang Chee Er @ Childs (12/10/1983-??/??/????) - (N/A)

I was named by my father after this person. But now, as I am getting fat & hairloss, I started to worry if I'll be looked like him in a couple of years... =.=''

Awesome huh?.... =.=''

Friday, May 28, 2010

Cut Myself!!!

Due to the fact I am getting bold on top, my hair grows slower on top compared with side. So this afternoon, while I have nothing to do after lunch, staring at d mirror. I suddenly had an idea to have a self hair cut, and so I grabbed d scissor on my desk and got to work on it. Of course, it's a minor one, just to make my hair at sides thinner, so I dun seemed so bold on top, haha. And it was easier than I thought.

Though you can't  tell that I just had a hair cut, but i guess at least you won't say that I just had a bad cut :-p

To work with high spirit!!!!!

I want to work with high spirit!!!!!
(1 week later...)
....I will not give up...

(To be continue.... I guess)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Puppy Love Ice Kacang finally...

With some commented the acting was poor while some others cried for the movie, finally I went to watch this local movie produced by Ah Niu - Puppy Love Ice Kacang.
End up both sides are correct. Indeed, acting of majority actors in the movie weren't so impressive, in fact some of them were a little terrible. But I can understand why come people cried. The puppy love and the friendship in the movie are so much alike with the good old days that each of us ever had. The small town, the "complicated" relationships, the friendships, the rebellion teenage age, the ordinary people... so local and familiar. Not to mention I love the musics & the arrangements in the movie. And nevertheless, Ah Niu delivered great job on the theme song 纯文艺恋爱 (translation = pure poetic love?? nvm...)

Also you can catch so many famous Malaysian artists inside!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Starting anew... wallet

Finally, after x years, I got a new wallet. I think we all need to let go the past n move on to future ahead... However, thanks to my old wallet that went thru all these years with me.

The "Honors" (damages) of my old wallet...

Yes, reader, you mostly likely think this post is nothing at all. Too bad you already viewed it, kakakaka. And for my old wallet, adios!

~Let go does not mean to bury the past, but to let it go with wind and waving it goodbye with a smile... if you can :p